WELCOME to the StormCats Website!

Here you can find complete information and guides about the species,

its history and creation. I am working toward providing more resources

and hopefully create a community of StormCats to help bring this unique

and creative species to life. -Shocker (Alisa) 


"My goodness, what a lovely species!

I might just have to make a Stormcat of my own some day."

Anonymous 1

"WOW! I have to say I do so love Shocker,

she has got to be one of the coolest characters I have EVER seen."


"OMG, Shocker is just so cute! love her design."

It was a very long and rough road in creating this species. I've been through a lot, and had no idea just how much really went in to building a furry species as unique as this one. When I finished developing this species, my next thought was: "I shouldn't keep all of this to myself."

I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

At first, I was very hesitant to open the species to the public and was unsure of the how people would view and react to it. But I am glad to have made this tough decision to share with the world, what has to be one of my greatest creations ever.

-Alisa (Shocker)


"They look absolutely gorgeous,

and creative too."


"What a truly beautiful species!

They look so cool! Nice Job."